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Monday, 03 December 2012 11:32

My Mind Rules My Heart: Drashti Dhami !!

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She sparkles on-screen. Stunningly beautiful and full of verve, she personifies life’s vitality even off it. Drashti Dhami is not just a talented actor with a pretty face and a magic wand drawing us in with her expressive eyes; her sense of humor, ready wit, and honesty shines through every statement of hers.

Our favorite Madhubala shares her views on love, life and relationships in an exclusive chat with Rangmunch. Read on and you will realize her positivity is as infectious as her radiant smiles that light up her eyes. There is no escaping the fact that her vivacious personality comes from deep within. It is hard not to love her. Presenting the diva, Drashti Dhami…. 

1-drashti dhami-001Rangmunch: Who is more romantic, men or women and why?

Drashti: Men... because I guess they just look like MEN from the outer side but from inside they are very maooo.

Rangmunch: What are the things that attract you the most in a partner?

Drashti: Sense of humour and body fragrance.

Rangmunch: Should a couple have a lot in common or is attraction enough?

Drashti: Attraction is enough. That’s why it is said opposites attract. (Smiles)

Rangmunch: Do you believe in falling in love completely or losing yourself in love?

Drashti: Losing myself in love.

Rangmunch: Does your heart rule your mind or is it the other way round?

Drashti: My mind rules my heart.

Rangmunch: How crucial is it to give flowers, gifts on a date?

Drashti: Ummm!!! Not really, but if it is a first date I would expect but if its not then its okay, doesn’t matter.We rather enjoy with a bottle of wine.

1-IMG 6988Rangmunch: What is the difference between being lonely and single?

Drashti: Being lonely is being depressed, being single is being alive !! ( says with a sparkle in her eyes)

Rangmunch: Do you have the strength to accept your partner as he or she is?

Drashti: It takes time but yes. (pat comes the reply)

Rangmunch: In a relationship how would you draw a line between ego and self respect?

Drashti: I’m a very wrong person to answer this question. (laughs) Very wrong person and no comments!

Rangmunch: In a love relationship, do you think marriage is a journey or destination?

Drashti: Its destiny.

Rangmunch: Would you get possessive if your partner’s best friend is off the opposite sex?

Drashti: Not at all. (pat comes the reply) I would rather make her my best friend.(smiles)

1-drashti-dhami-16Rangmunch: If in a relationship, would you flaunt it on your social networking site?

Drashti: Ya, why not.

Rangmunch: Do you think Valentine’s day is over rated?

Drashti: Yes! Every day is Valentine’s day when you guys are alone.

Rangmunch: Do you believe that love is life, without love what would you feel about your life?

Drashti: I would feel I am single so let’s go find love!

Rangmunch: What’s the best relationship advice you have gotten till date?

Drashti: Give space, trust the opposite person and enjoy.

(As told to Swati Ghosh, Niharika Vidya Sagar and Alima Kanumilli)

Edited by: Navyanka Varma & Neeraja Unni

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