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Monday, 20 August 2012 07:42

Jane and Lisbon: An Unbreakable Bond!

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Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon’s bond over time has grown from strength to strength and is only growing stronger with deep mutual respect and trust as the basis for their friendship.  The two pivotal characters of the hit show, “The Mentalist” share a easy camaraderie that has struck a chord with the audience and has steadily contributed to the rising popularity of the show.

Lisbon with her no-nonsense practical approach to work is also the voice of reason and diplomacy while Jane attempts to solve cases based on his sharp mental acuity and keen observation, leaving all the monotonous, methodical paperwork and investigations to Lisbon. They share a bond more special and intangible than is commonly seen in friendships. They are Yin and Yang, wherein one complements the other and without one, the other would remain inevitably incomplete and aimless.

Mentalist-jane-lisbon-425x292Lisbon is a stickler for following rules while Jane shuns them at every point. This perpetual see-saw between the two while solving a case gives an extra boost to the proceedings in every episode. On several occasions Lisbon puts up with Jane's annoying antics and we've seen that she goes a step further out of her comfort zone of protocol by putting her career at stake to bail him out of self created situations.

Whenever a senior agent questions Lisbon's bias and her way of going easy on Jane, she defends Jane's unconventional techniques and his ability to close cases every single time. Jane is her guardian angel, who drives her up the wall and yet she can't help but thank God that he's there, just like how she initially got grumpy, thinking that he forgot her birthday but was thrilled to receive a pony as a gift from Jane..

The-Mentalist-the-mentalist-5492173-751-1000Lisbon is someone he cares a great deal about and his way of expressing it is by driving her nuts. If there's a matter which never gets settled between them, it is the issue of Red John. Lisbon had always insisted on trials and the jury to let them decide the fate of Red John but Jane is clear about how he wants his retribution and it sure has hell does not include the law!! At one point, she feels that Jane has changed his mind about revenge when she hears him advise a teenager about revenge being a poison and that it is for fools and mad men.. She later learns that Jane personally does not subscribe to that view and never will. No matter what, both of them have always been completely honest with each other, sticking through thick and thin with the interesting cases, both on a professional and a personal level.

As Season 3 has come to an end, it is worth a watch to see how their relationship shapes to forge a deeper bond between Jane and Lisbon. Is Lisbon going to abide by the law and convict Jane?? Or help him come out, taking the highest possible risk, as she has been doing so far??

Catch Season 4 of “The Mentalist” to see how Lisbon and the team work to get Jane out of trouble and the prison, on weeknights @ 9 only on Zee Café.

Jassie S

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